Everyone leads a busy life nowadays. So, why not let us take care of your fitness and spiritual needs. We offer group classes and specialized programs throughout the day to accommodate your busy schedule. Your mental and physical health is our top priority; see how we can help you make the most out of your time.


This particular class helps build a strong core from which one can transition into new positions and exercises. This flow centers around control and precision, with a diversity of exercises and modifications to suit a range of levels from Intermediate to advanced. With this class, you will learn and practice the tools needed to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle, while increasing your heart rate.


This class has gained in popularity as we slow things down, break the technique down and show you how to apply this technique to your body type. 
Take the time to build your baseline strength while understanding the principles of Pilates to get the best out of your exercise session. 
Form follows function. 


Want to build functional strength and sweat it out?
This class is for you. The TRX suspension trainer is a great way to build full body strength while incorporating core strength. 
Feel the burn!



This particular class helps build a strong core from which one can transition into new positions and exercises.  

Equipment classes takes mat work basics and adds strength and tone. Wall mounted springs are incorporated to switch things up and leave you with a well rounded workout.


This class is designed with the pure Pilates Technique in mind. Build your strength and endurance with this controlled and intense class. 
The movements may be beginner based exercises but it will push you to be better and focus on the corrective implementation of the exercises. It is definitely recommended to ground your thoughts and body again.



During these uncertain times it's important to keep our bodies active and healthy which in turn boosts our immune systems. 

We have added online classes to our schedule for those of you who prefer to exercise in the privacy of your own home. 

Please note that to book for these classes online you need to have an active package of classes available. 

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