Exercise Rehabilitation

"Put in the work now to look after your spine, knees and joints"

If you suffer from chronic back pain, Knee issues, ITB tightness, neck pain and stiffness ( to name a few) and you have tried everything but still no results? Pilates rehab is for you.

Pilates exercise rehabilitation is a long term solution so if you are willing to put the effort in you will get the gains = pain free.

Janine has a special interest in dance injuries and neural conditions. 

She has many years experience in dealing with injuries from lower back pain to neck and running injuries.

Form follows function, so technique and correct Biomechanics are of a high priority.


Spring Pilates was my first experience with pilates and Janine was able introduce a whole new world of exercises in a positive and encouraging space. She focussed her attention on your every movement and ensured that the exercises were engaging the correct muscles. Through the course of six months I went from having a sense of no control or access to my core muscles to understanding the specific flows and movements of the exercises taught. Janine is a fabulous teacher, she both challenges you, but is attentive to your capabilities - her classes are a joy.

Ellen Kellier

Working with Janine to recover from a knee injury to achieve my goal of completing the Salkantay trek in Peru was an absolute pleasure. Her focused efforts to rebuild the strength in my leg enabled me to not only complete the trek but also to be able to enjoy 300km of hiking across Peru. Continuing with classes and further rehab has rebuilt my general body strength and confidence all round.

Margie Pekelaar